May/June Northern Gardener Available

The May/June 2022 issue of Northern Gardener is on newsstands now, featuring a bright cover with Minnesota’s state flower, the lady’s slipper, on it. The issue is full of ideas and inspiration for for your summer garden.

magazine cover with yellow flowersThe cover image, taken by Tracy Walsh, goes with Betty Ann Addison’s article about new hybrids of lady’s slippers for Minnesota. While lady’s slippers are native here, it is illegal to collect them from the wild. You can, however, find both native and hybrid varieties from reputable garden centers. Lady’s slippers are orchids and are denizens of the north woods. They live on the edge of of forests and love a moist, humus-rich soil. Betty Ann’s article gives you all the information you’ll need to grow these beauties and suggestions for varieties that do especially well in our climate.

Elsewhere in the May/June issue, Gail Hudson profiles a garden on Diamond Lake in Minneapolis. The gardeners uses boxwood, bee balm; pink, purple and white garden phlox; many colors of bearded irises, Asiatic lilies and more to create a cohesive garden that fits beautifully in its natural environment.

Having a large landscape is wonderful, but even renters can garden. Laura Schwarz profiles a Powderhorn Park renter, who uses containers and creativity to garden at a rental house. Laura (a recent renter herself) offers suggestions on what to plant and how to garden in harmony with landlords and neighbors.

Are you thinking about garden design this month? We’ve got you covered. Michelle Mero Riedel discusses how planting a single species in a mass can make a real garden statement. If containers are your thing, Diane McGann suggests five styles of containers, each of which has only five plants, to adorn your deck or patio this spring.

Of course, we have our usual columnists with information on what to grow in your kitchen garden, ways to attract pollinators, fun DIY projects and more. You can find the May/June issue an Barnes & Noble stores, many garden centers and elsewhere.


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