May/June Northern Gardener Available Now

Bonsai in the garden. Plants that thrive under trees. Gardening to reduce the impacts of climate changes. These are among the diverse topics covered in the May/June Northern Gardener, which is available on newsstands now.

may/june northern gardener coverThis is our biggest issue of the year, and it’s crammed with useful and inspiring information. As always, our columnists have great insights into what really works in a northern garden, from Laura Schwarz’s suggestions for replacements for ash trees that may have to be removed because of emerald ash borer to Rhonda Fleming Hayes’ thoughts on pollinators and pesticides to Eric Johnson’s fun (and very easy) plan for creating a pot that looks like expensive ceramic on the cheap.

Our cover story is a profile of Curt and Bette Fenton’s beautiful garden with bonsai. Curt enjoys bonsai; Bette loves flowers, and together they have designed a restful and artful retreat in the suburbs. Gail Brown Hudson tells the story.

In another feature article, garden designer Martin Stern explains which vines are your garden friends and which are foes. (Hint: Think twice before planting wisteria.) Susannah Shmurak offers eight ways to reduce the carbon emissions from your yard, and Terry Yockey provides design ideas and plant suggestions for creating beautiful gardens under trees.  Elsewhere you’ll find articles on the best phlox for northern climates, how to incorporate seating in your garden and less-used but very delicious summer squash to grow.

It’s a full issue, and for those who love plant sales, the May/June Northern Gardener also includes a list of 35 of the best plant sales around. Many of them take place over the next three or four weekends and are well worth a visit as you fill out your gardens and containers for 2018.

It’s a great issue to settle down with after a long day in the garden or on a rainy afternoon.


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