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Society Membership

Enjoy a full year of free gardening webinars, discounts at garden centers and wineries across the Upper Midwest, subscription to Northern Gardener magazine, and more!

Subscription Only

Want to receive Northern Gardener magazine in your mailbox every other month without any additional benefits? We offer a subscription-only package.

Affiliated Membership

Are you a student or Master Gardener? Belong to a garden club or plant society? Take advantage of deeply discounted membership packages.

Gift Membership

Give the gift of gardening—help someone become a better gardener by giving them a Society membership or subscription only. Perfect for holidays, birthdays, retirements, housewarmings and thank you gifts.

Discount Partnership

Join a long list of trusted garden centers, wineries and specialty shops across the Upper Midwest who partner with us each year. You choose a discount for MSHS members, and we advertise it for you.

Membership Cards

Members are raving about our new digital membership cards, which give you immediate access to your benefits on your phone. Don't have a smartphone? We also offer additional card options.


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