New Places to Find Northern Gardener

While it’s easiest to get each issue of Northern Gardener by subscribing or joining the hort society, you can pick up the magazine at many newsstands. In the past few months, we’ve vastly expanded the number of newsstands that carry the magazine.

northern gardener cover

Find the latest Northern Gardener at a variety of newsstands.

In addition to many local nurseries and garden centers, Barnes and Noble stores and Byerly’s and Lund’s stores, Northern Garden is now available in the following locations:

We’re also expanding to a variety of locations in Michigan, including Whole Foods stores and Busch’s grocery stores. Earlier this year, many HyVee’s, Walmart’s, Fleet Farm’s and a variety of drug stores added Northern Gardener to their magazine line up. We hope you can find one near you!

If there is a store that should be carrying Northern Gardener, please let us know!



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