How is Your Tomato Harvest?

yellow tomatoes

Lots of yellow tomatoes in the MSHS garden.

Our Northern Gardener publisher and noted tomato fanatic sent me this photo yesterday of his harvest of yellow tomatoes from that day. (I’m sure there were dozens of red ones, too.) I’ve been getting lots of yellow and red cherry or pear tomatoes from my garden, though not a huge harvest from some of my slicing types.

It’s been a mixed season for tomatoes. We’ve heard a variety of comments about this year’s tomato harvest from folks at MSHS events and other gardeners. One neighbor of mine ripped out all his tomatoes a couple of weeks ago because of early blight. Others say they are having a great year.

The warm weather recently has been good for maturing fruits on the plants, but many of the plants look pretty rough about now. Some have blight; others may be struggling with the dryness. Remember to keep your tomatoes watered regularly — a good soaking twice a week.

How has your tomato harvest been this year?

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