Spring Northern Gardener Available Now

Early spring is the perfect time to get excited about what you’ll be growing during the upcoming season and planning where to plant things. The March/April issue of Northern Gardener, which is on newsstands now, is filled with plant suggestions and new techniques to try.

March April Northern GardenerOur cover image is from Michelle Mero Riedel’s article on 15 perennials that perform well in a variety of sun conditions. These easy-to-grow plants can usually take a bit less sun or a bit more sun than their labels may recommend, giving gardeners the flexibility to move them around or leave them where they are as the garden changes. It’s an impressive list of beautiful, easy-going plants.

Are you shifting your garden more toward native plants? Then, check out Benjamin Vogt’s article on seven native plants that help pollinators and will appease even the crankiest neighbors with their good looks and neat habit. Choose one or plant several in your boulevard or garden! How about growing your own herbal teas? Jennifer Rensenbrink recommends eight herbs that are fun to grow and make delicious brews to enjoy all year long.

If you are planning a vegetable garden this year, Meg Cowden offers tips on growing iceberg lettuce. This crunchy green is ornamental in the garden and the large heads offer something different and delicious for early summer salads. We love the profile Gail Brown Hudson has of an Edina gardener who reached out to his neighbors with homegrown vegetables and received seeds for new-to-him plants in return. Gardens really do bring people together. Finally, water-gardener extraordinaire Soni Forsman offers a how-to on bringing frogs into your home garden.

This issue also includes a tear-out section that lists all the nurseries, garden centers and shops that are discount partners with MSHS. Check the list and be sure to bring your digital membership card with you when plant shopping this spring to take advantage of these deals.

You can find Northern Gardener at many garden centers, Barnes & Noble bookstores, Lunds & Byerlys, among other locations.

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