How to Support MSHS with Target Circle

target circle launchUpdated for summer/fall 2021

Next time you make a Target run you can support the hort society and gardening in Minnesota while picking up your shampoo and groceries. It’s easy using the Target Circle app on your phone, in store or online. Here’s how to do it:

Join Target Circle

Visit to join the Target Circle. Target Circle will help you take advantage of discounts, earn reward points and also donate to charities.

Choose Rochester as Your Store

When you open the app on your phone, go to the lower right hand corner and click on your name. One of the options is to choose your store. Click that, then type in the zip code 55901.  Choose the Rochester Target store as your store. Hit save.

Shop ’til You Drop

Go shopping! You can do it in the app, online or in the store. At the check out, be sure to put in the phone number associated with your Target Circle account for discounts and points toward donations to the hort society or other nonprofits.


Go to your account at and cast your vote for the Minnesota State Horticultural Society listed among the selected non-profits. Each purchase counts as one vote. Target Corporation donates to MSHS based on the number of votes we receive.

The Target Circle fundraiser runs through September 30. This is the third time MSHS has partnered with Target to raised funds for MSHS outreach programs, such as Garden-in-a-Box and Minnesota Green.

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