Minnesota Green Program

Community Gardeners:
Minnesota Green is your connection to plants, seeds and tools!

Since 1988, Minnesota Green—a program of the Minnesota State Horticultural Society (MSHS)—has been serving the greening and growing efforts of thousands of gardeners throughout the state. It promotes community gardening as a means to strengthen neighborhoods through activities that connect people and plants and help people grow their own healthy food.

Minnesota Green works with a network of donors that includes growers, garden centers, non-profit groups and private individuals to provide seeds, plants, gardening tools and supplies to community and public space gardens. The donations span a wide range of plant material:

Seeds * Vegetables * Herbs * Annual Flowers
Perennials * Shrubs * Trees


How the Minnesota Green Program is funded.

Plant Donations

Businesses, community groups and individuals can donate plants and gardening materials to the Minnesota Green program. Find out how and who participates in the program through donations.

Minnesota Green Stories

Read about some of the groups who have participated in the Minnesota Green program over the years.

Big Plant and Seed Donations

In 2017, Minnesota Green distributed over $165,000 worth of plants, seeds and tools.

Garden Groups

89 garden groups in the seven county metropolitan area participated in the Minnesota Green program in 2017.


“The six community gardens and greenspaces that Frogtown Green manages would simply not be possible without the supply of annuals, perennials and vegetable starts from Minnesota Green.”

—Patricia Ohmans, Frogtown Green Coordinator

“Having seeds and plants from the Minnesota Green program has helped provide enough food for the gardeners to grow, and they have fun trying new plants they haven’t been exposed to before. Having those resources has allowed us to connect with the gardeners more too.”

—Rachel Murphy, CAPI food and nutrition services coordinator 

Need Assistance?

Contact Tom McKusick, Minnesota Green Program Manager: tmckusick@northerngardener.org.