Give to the Max for Future Gardeners

Thursday is Give to the Max Day in Minnesota, a once-a-year effort to raise money for the great nonprofits in our state. The Minnesota State Horticulture Society has been around for 145 years, but when talking with members, subscribers and donors about giving to the hort society, our staff and board focus on the future.

garden in a boxConsider the Garden-in-a-Box program. This was started a couple of years ago to introduce gardening and the joy of growing your own food to low-income families. The boxes are simple raised beds, and families also receive the soil, plants and seeds they’ll need to grow a small food garden. These boxes get people really excited about gardening.

For instance, Kulture Klub Collaborative in Minneapolis used the boxes to teach homeless teens about gardening. The young people grew food for their own use and brought the surplus produce to a drop-in center where it was prepared into meals for other young people. For the teens, gardening provided a sense of accomplishment and connection. As one young man said, “I can see my garden out the window everyday and know that I am home.”

In 2012, MSHS partnered with the Duluth Community Garden Program to bring gardens-in-a-box to Duluth. In 2013, the program goes to Rochester. We’re also planning to bring gardens in a box to schools in 2013.

Other ways that MSHS is looking toward the future include making its resources more readily available with innovative web-based services like a digital Northern Gardener magazine and the new MSHS Online Gateway.

If you are planning to make a contribution through GiveMN today, please consider a gift to MSHS and our state’s future gardeners.

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