What's Blooming Now? Everything!

The better question might be: What’s not blooming? After our very slow and cold spring, we finally are getting some sun and heat and the plants have responded with enthusiasm.

bluebead lily

Visitors to the North Shore will see a variety of wildflowers, such as these pretty bluebead lilies.

During a quick walk around the neighborhood, I spied peonies, roses, irises, hardy geraniums, wiegelas, baptisia and lupine. The tomatoes that were set out early in pots look like they are about to bloom. And, on a trip the North Shore of Lake Superior over the weekend, there were plenty of wildflowers to view. (The locals said their two weeks (or more) behind a normal spring, so wildflowers should be visible for several weeks.)

Here are a few photos of the plants we’ve noticed. What’s blooming in your neck of the woods?


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