What's Blooming in the Neighborhood? Spring Edition

Magnolias are blooming in many parts of Minnesota now. Their pink and white blooms look like cotton candy on trees.

It was a brisk, sunny morning yesterday, so I took a walk around the neighborhood to see what’s blooming. For mid-April, quite a bit! Forsythia bushes looked pretty in several yards, as did magnolias and many of the deciduous shrub hedges had popped their leaves over the weekend when much-needed rain fell. We’re going from brown to green as the dominant shade in yards in the North.

Scilla (also called Siberian squill) naturalizes in lawns easily and blooms early.

Elsewhere, the early PJM Rhododendrons were in bloom and a few gardeners had pansies in containers to welcome spring time. I also spotted the first dandelion bloom that I’ve seen this year. Don’t pick the dandelions too quickly, though. They are an important early source of nectar for bees.

PJM Rhododendrons are among the earliest shrubs to bloom in Minnesota.

What’s blooming in your yard right now?

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  1. Rachel on April 25, 2017 at 9:58 pm

    They’re lovely…
    The magnolia is my favorite.
    The gladiolas and lilies in our backyard are in bloom.

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