Tour Takeaway: Container Design

thriller, filler spiller

A classic planting in an elegant urn.

Now that garden tour season is in full swing, we thought it would be fun to do an occasional feature on some of the great ideas we get from gardens we visit on tours. So, here’s the first tour takeaway.

This container was spotted in a St. Anthony Park garden that just exuded comfort. It had a beautiful screened porch, lush plantings and eye-catching containers. The one pictured shows a classic thriller, filler, spiller arrangement. What’s so great about this? First, the container itself is a classic urn — the perfect vehicle for a classic arrangement. It’s set up on a short pillar and the backdrop of green hostas and hydrangeas and the glass-studded wooden fence really shows off the colors and shapes of the container and plants. The plants contrast with each other — purple spikes, deep green leaves and red flowers and a variegated trailing plant.

What’s your favorite container design?

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