Tour of Washington County Gardens

MSHS is thrilled to be working with the Washington County Horticulture Society on a special garden tour, Saturday, July 20. The Tour of Washington County Gardens features eight amazing private gardens along with the patio displays at Hedberg Nursery in Stillwater, which will be our check-in point for the tour. There’s so much to describe that we’ll be running three posts over the next several days about the gardens that will be on the tour.

But our descriptions cannot do these gardens justice. Come and see them for yourself. The self-guided tour is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you register before the event, which is recommended, the cost is $15 per person. Same day registration is $18. Lunch is on your own — and there are many options for lunch around the Stillwater, Oakdale and Woodbury areas. Make a day of it, and come see some of these gardens:

Gardening Neighborhood

Shared garden photo

This water feature is part of a five-yard garden on the tour.

The anchor garden in this gardening neighborhood in Stillwater was started in 1998, but over the past five years, five adjoining yards have been incorporated into the design. All of the gardens experience shade and more than 1,500 varieties of hostas, plus other shade perennials, thrive in these gardens. Lillies, daylilies, and other sun-loving perennials and annuals also dot the landscape. Well-defined paths and bridges link the gardens together. Other features include extensive rock work, a fountain, and the cul-de-sac holding pond that feeds a man-made creek, which meanders through a small terraced pine grove and over several waterfalls before returning to the pond. You won’t want to miss seeing this gorgeous space.

A Red-Hot Garden

The gardener who created and tends this wonderland loves the warm colors of a sunset: red, orange, yellow, coral, and white, and she has created her own sunset in the garden. You’ll be greeted by her collection of hardy cacti and succulents. Then follow her sunset paths through her front yard where all grass has been removed and replaced with blooming perennials. As you continue to her backyard, you will find the majority of her collection of lilies, iris, and daylilies. On the back berm, you will find her beginning collection of evergreens. As you curve back around, you will come to the mini espalier orchard, which includes: peach, apple, and pear trees, grape vines, raspberry bushes, and both June and everbearing strawberry plants used as groundcover. A red hot garden that always has something in bloom.

Outdoor Living

Hedberg Nursery, 8400-60th St. N., Stillwater is allowing tour-goers to take a sneak-peak at its new Outdoor Living Center. It is fully furnished with stone patios, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, stone flooring, seating walls, pergolas and much more. This one-stop selection center will give you many of ideas for your own yard.

Coming on Monday: Descriptions of three more wonderful gardens on the tour.


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