Spotlight on MSHS Volunteers

Anne and Rose, two of our wonderful volunteers

Anne and Rose, two of our wonderful volunteers

We love our MSHS volunteers. Each one has a story — they come to gardening and volunteering for many different reasons.

When Anne Lethert Smith’s young daughter died, Anne wanted to create a memorial space, which lead her to gardening and to MSHS for classes. A classroom volunteer told her the classes would be cheaper if she became an MSHS member, so she joined and soon became a classroom volunteer so classes were free when she helped. After taking the Winter Seed Sowing class taught by Michelle Mero Riedel, Anne planted over 50 milk jugs with seeds.

Anne also attended a few holiday events through MSHS and saw we needed help—in the kitchen that is, or at least in the presentation of tasty treats for our holiday classes. She came to the rescue with her light-up holiday gear and expertise to make the events more festive. After the first year of prepping the food for the Gardening Gals Get-Together, Anne recruited her Aunt Rose. Anne and Rose streamlined the menu and added Aunt Rose’s famous Shoepeg Corn Dip. See the recipe below.

Rose, a former middle school teacher who loves volunteering, enjoys the social aspect of the Gardening Gals Get-Together. She likes the atmosphere, meeting people and how the instructor, Ardith Beveridge from Koehler and Dramm, leads the participants to think creatively about decorating their wreaths.

While Anne and Rose are a lot alike, one of their differences is in their preparation style. Anne is more spontaneous and in the moment. Rose likes to think far ahead and plan things out. Now, Anne just waits for instructions from Rose. It’s been fun for them to do this together, and we love having them here.

Shoepeg Corn Dip 


1 11 oz. can Shoepeg corn (no substitutes)

1 cup real mayonnaise (no substitutes)

1 cup shredded Parmesan cheese

1 cup shredded Swiss cheese

Procedure: Mix together corn, mayo and cheese Chill. This is simple but delicious and tastes even better if it is made the night before. Serve with crackers or fresh vegetables.

—Vicky Vogels



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