How to Start Annuals from Seed

Starting annuals from seed can be easy and fun!

orange calibrachoa

Orange Annuals Add Oopmh!

Sprinkle in bright-flowering annuals and watch your garden pop.


Summertime Joy: Sunflowers

Sunflowers are not only beautiful to the eye; they're also a wonderful addition to your edible garden. 

hardy annuals

Hardy Annuals

A list of hardy annuals; plants that are tolerant of cold climates and capable of reseeding in most gardens. Originally sourced from 

pink zinnia

5 Easiest Annuals to Start from Seed

Here are some of the easiest annuals to start from seed.

annual salvia

Plant Profile: Annual Salvia

Like watching hummingbirds and other pollinators visit your garden? Plant annual salvia.

Spotted Jewelweed

Plant Profile: Spotted Jewelweed

With nectar-rich flowers, this true annual is a favorite among hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators.

Perennials in fall

Planting Perennials in Fall

Find out about the benefits (and a few drawbacks) of planting perennials in the fall.


Amazing Allium Webinar

Learn how to grow this showstopper in your own garden.


Astounding Astilbe Webinar

This remarkable, easy-to-grow perennial will brighten up any shade garden.


Perennial Salvia Cultivars

Easy to grow, low-maintenance and long bloomers, perennial salvia brighten up full- to part-sun spots.


Salivating for Salvia Webinar

Mary Maguire Lerman shares her favorite varieties and reasons why you should weave more salvia into your own garden beds.

Goldenrod and Asters

Goldenrod and Asters

Author Rhonda Fleming Haye discusses why these two native perennials are a vital pollinator pairing. 

perennial tulips

Garden Solutions: Perennial Tulips

Check out these options for planting perennial tulips in your garden.

american gold rush

American Gold Rush Rudbeckia

This Black-Eyed Susan cultivar is a disease-resistant perennial with beautiful blooms in late summer and early fall. A mainstay for northern gardens! 


Astilbe Cultivars

These hardy, long-blooming perennials are a colorful addition to any part- to full-shade garden.


Growing Lilies Webinar

Landscape designer William Dougherty shares his favorite varieties of lilies and tips for growing them.


Raucous Rudbeckia Webinar

There's a reason why so many plant this sunny showstopper.

Big Bluestem

Plant to Pick: 'Blackhawks' Big Bluestem

Often called the "monarch of the prairie," this native grass is a wonderful addition to perennial gardens.

Cardinal Flower

Plant Profile: Cardinal Flower

With brilliant red flowers, this native perennial adds a pop of color to late-summer landscapes.

Ornamental Onion

Ornamental Onion Cultivars

Learn about three ornamental onion cultivars that are easy to grow and extend your garden's bloom time.

purple prairie clover

Plant Profile: Purple Prairie Clover

Take a closer look at this summer-blooming, perennial plant and its growing conditions.

baptisia shrub

5 Perennials That Act Like Shrubs

Consider these northern perennials the next time you are looking for a shrub.


Best Trees and Shrubs for Fall Color

You can have a fantastic fall color display in your yard simply by choosing a variety of trees and shrubs.


Plant Profile: Viburnum

Viburnum is a lovely group of shrubs year-round, but our appreciation for them always soars in fall.

Iceberg Alley Sageleaf

Iceberg Alley Sageleaf Willow

This small shrub is easy to grow and will brighten any garden with its silvery foliage.

tree form hydrangea

Plant Profile: Tree Form Hydrangea

Hydrangeas...shrub or tree? Or perhaps both? Learn more about how to grow and maintain this beautiful plant as a tree.  


How to Slash and Plant Shrubs

Shrubs that have been in pots all winter are ready to go in the ground, but they need a little slashing before you plant them.


How to Plant the Right Size Shrub

When planning a landscape, one of the most important considerations is the mature size of shrubs, trees and perennials.


Plant Profile: Magic Magnolias

Magnolias are wonderful small trees or shrubs, which can work as spring-flowering plants for gardens in the southern half of Minnesota, as well as areas along Lake Superior.

summer crush

Plant to Pick: Summer Crush Hydrangea macrophylla

With brilliant raspberry-red blooms, consider planting this shrub that can tolerate colder growing zones. 

hardy roses

Hardy Roses for Northern Gardeners

Despite a popular belief that roses are often challenging to grow, these fourteen roses thrive in northern gardens. 


Plant Profile: Gingko Tree

This tough urban tree can handle salt, makes a perfect boulevard tree and offers stunning fall color and an unusual leaf shape.


Pruning Hydrangeas

The Impatient Gardener demonstrates how to prune panicle and smooth hydrangeas.


Plant Profile: Redbud Tree

It won’t be long before we’ll be seeing the soft pink clouds of bloom that surround the Minnesota-hardy redbuds that are so popular here in the North.

Untitled design (2)

Plant Profile: Parkland Pillar Birch

This newer birch tree is a great choice for a vertical accent, and also tolerates Zone 3 well. 

balsam fir

Real vs. Fake and Minnesota's State Tree

The debate to have a real or fake holiday tree goes back to the 1930s.


When and Why You Prune Trees

Pruning is one of those gardening topics that has an air of mystery about it. When to prune trees? Why do you prune trees? 


Best Trees and Shrubs for Fall Color

You can have a fantastic fall color display in your yard simply by choosing a variety of trees and shrubs.

veggie gardener

6 Tips for New Vegetable Gardeners

Just starting out? We can help.

cabbage garden

Handling, Harvesting and Storing Veggies

Find the most effective ways to enjoy homegrown asparagus, beans, cabbage and other crops.

tomato container

Why Grow Tomatoes in Containers

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider growing tomatoes in a container.

garlic (2)

Tips for Growing Garlic

A guide to growing garlic, plus tips on harvesting, storage, and more. 


Grow Lettuce Longer: Tips for Extending the Season

Lettuce is a fast and steady crop to grow and harvest throughout the season. 


How to Grow Horseradish

Check out this comprehensive guide to growing this perennial root vegetable. 

sweet potato

Plant Profile: Sweet Potato

Though sweet potato plants are known to love heat, learn how it's possible to successfully grow sweet potatoes in colder climates. 

Untitled design (33)

How to Create Beauty in the Vegetable Garden

My vegetable garden usually has the shabby chic look (or maybe just shabby), but I’ve found that lettuces planted in pots or window boxes can be very attractive, especially those with rose-tipped, ruffly foliage. But a couple of the gardens I visited last summer took vegetable gardening beauty well beyond that.

apple mint

Shade Tolerant Vegetables

Got shade? Don't let that stop you from growing your own vegetables.

winter sowing

Winter Sowing Vegetable Seeds

See how you can use inexpensive mini greenhouses to start vegetables from seed.

veggie in container

Organic Edibles for Small Spaces Webinar

Join the growing trend—try growing fruits and vegetables on patios and decks, in containers and small plots.

vegetables for fall harvest

Vegetables to Plant for a Fall Harvest

Hoping to continue your garden's bounty? Learn about what to vegetables to plant towards the end of the summer for a fall harvest. 


Plant Profile: The Humble Radish

A helpful guide to growing this hardy spring vegetable in your garden. 


Spotlight on Kohlrabi

Read this article and you'll soon be wondering why you haven't yet grown this funky vegetable in your garden.. 

garlic scapes

Great Garden Garlic + Scapes

Meg Cowden discusses all things garlic in your garden in this article from her blog Forks in the Dirt.

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Tips for Growing Veggies (AM950 radio program)

Paul Sobocinski from Land Stweardship Project and Courtney Tchida from MN State Horticulture Society Talk about tips for growing veggies.

rainbow of tomatoes homepage slider (1)

Grow a Rainbow of Tomatoes

Our Community Programs Director, Courtney Tchida, has grown hundreds of varieties in cold-climates. Learn her favorite kinds and growing tips for best flavor.

strawberry plant

Growing Day Neutral Strawberries Webinar

Strawberry plants that produce fruit all summer long? They exist and you can grow them in the Upper Midwest! Learn how.

veggie in container

Organic Edibles for Small Spaces

Join the growing trend—grow fruits and vegetables on patios and decks, in containers and small plots.

apple tree

Apple Tree Pruning Made Easy

Learn how to prune your tree, look for disease and dead limbs and get as many apples as possible.

Untitled design (17)

Why Grow Tomatoes in Containers?

Mary Schier describes the benefits of growing tomatos in buckets in this short article!

blueberry plant

Growing Fruits in Minnesota

Fruits are perennials, so they require a bit more commitment than vegetables. That said, they can still be well worth the effort.

espalier for insta (1)

Caring for Espalier Fruit Trees

Learn how espalier creates functional, edible art on your landscape.

pear tree

How to Grow Pears

Hardy pear trees grow in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 and 4—and they can be even easier to manage than their relative, the apple!

apple chart

Pick Your Perfect Minnesota Grown Apple

Use this handy chat to find the best Minnesota grown apple for cooking or eating!

mint in a pot

Preserving Herbs: Ideas and Infusions

From pestos to herb vinegars, here are 4 ways to preserve herbs this winter.

better basils

Disease Resistant Basils

Basil Downy Mildew disease and a desire for something different have led gardeners to search for disease resistant varieties of basil.


Growing Patchouli

One of the more unusual herbs shown at the Minnesota State Fair is patchouli, a tender perennial that is often used in perfumes and is grown for its fragrant leaves.

Lemon Balm

Plant Profile: Lovely Lemon Balm

Learn about this aromatic, easy-to-grow herb and its many uses both in and outside the kitchen.


Plant Profile: Dill

Dill is a wonderful addition to your herb garden; it's easy to grow, beautiful, and a cooking staple. 

herb caterpillar

Plant Herbs for Pollinators

Herbs are great plants for butterfly larvae, and they're a favorite of bees and other pollinators as well. 

photo of dill leaf

Plant Profile: Dill

Dill is a delight to grow because it blesses you in two ways: with its exquisite beauty and its extensive culinary uses. 


Plant Profile: Lavender

With its deep purple flowers and scented foliage, lavender is a dream plant for many northern gardeners.

Anise Hyssop

Plant Profile: Anise Hyssop

This biennial herb is a popular choice among pollinators, birds, and northern gardeners. 

wild ginger

Plant Spotlight: Wild Ginger

Often found growing in deciduous forests, this ground cover plant is a great companion to other woodland plants.


Spring and Summer Bulbs Webinar

Northern gardening guru Mike Heger shares tips for successfully growing bulbs in your garden.

pink dahlia

Growing Dahlias in Minnesota

Minneapolis pro "Dahlia Del" shares his top tips for growing these garden stunners in a cold-climate.

canna lily pretoria

Plant Profile: Canna Lilies

Canna Lily is a stunner of a plant! Growing from a rhizome rather than bulb, this plant is an annual in colder climates.


Growing Bulbs, Tubers and Bare Roots

Tips and tricks for storing and planting...

orange dahlias

Growing Summer Bulbs Webinar

Try sprinkling bulbs throughout your garden for splashes of color. Here are some tips for planting and growing healthy bulbs.


Top Picks from the Plant Penthouse

Minneapolis-based plant mama Shayla Owodunni shares her top three houseplant picks and care tips for each.

bromeliads on virtual garden tour

5 Easy Houseplants for Beginners

Here are five easy houseplants that are perfect for absolute beginning gardeners—and a bonus list for those slightly more advanced.

moving houseplants indoors

Tips for Moving Houseplants Indoors for Winter

Helpful advice for a smooth transition as houseplants head indoors for the winter.

cat and houseplant

10 Safe Houseplants for Cats and Dogs

These common indoor plants are safe for our four-legged friends.


African Violets: Make More Plants

African violets. Could a name sound more magical? Though sometimes pegged as stuffy and old-fashioned, they are enchanting, easy-care bloomers.

string of hearts

Plant Profile: String of Hearts

This beautiful succulent is a wonderful houseplant known for its heart-shaped leaves and vining stems.