New Northern Gardener Available

septoct coverThe September/October issue of Northern Gardener is now out. (You will get a copy of the current issue if you join MSHS at the Minnesota State Fair.)

The cover features a distinctive photo of a dragonfly (technically, a damselfly) on Liatris. The image was taken by bird and dragonfly blogger Dan Tallman of Northfield, and goes with an article on gardening to encourage dragonflies in your garden.  Dragonflies are a great addition to the garden because they gobble up hundreds of mosquitoes every day. The key to attracting butterflies, according to author Meleah Maynard, is to be sure to include water in your landscape. A pond, a fountain, even a container with water will bring in the dragonflies.

The issue also includes an informative story on unusual plants for shade by St. Paul gardener Ted Beverly. Shade gardens do not have to be all hostas and ferns — as lovely as they are — but can include blooms from early spring hellebores to fall-blooming Acontium, which is sometimes called monkshood. Landscape designer Martin Stern recommends fall as a great time to do a garden renovation. He offers suggestions for why to renovate and how to approach the task.

Elsewhere in the issue, Julie Jensen, our stalwart copy editor, put her red pen down to write a feature about the MSHS Garden-in-a-Box program. It’s a wonderful story about what a difference this project is making in the lives of children and adults all around Minnesota. You’ll also find information on growing sweet potatoes, adding micronutrients to your soil, saving seeds, dividing perennials and much more.

Check it out!


  1. Eric Williams on September 12, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    Is there a way to get a PDF copy of the magazine? I heard there was a great story about sweet potatoes, and I’d like to share that with members of my community garden here in Omaha, NE. Thanks very much.

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