New Northern Gardener Available

The latest issue of Northern Gardener has been on newsstands for a couple of weeks now. If you have not picked up the issue yet (or subscribed!), please check it out. This issue is full of ideas to help you plan and plant your garden in 2017. Reading about gardening is the best cure we know for the winter blues!

Susan Davis Price kicks the issue off with her article on design basics for cottage gardens. Is there any garden style more comfortable than the cottage style? We don’t think so, and Susan offers tips for design elements as well as plants to turn your garden into an English cottage.

Laura Schwarz profiles one of my favorite plants — Alliums! From simple chives to gigantic lollipop styles, alliums are easy to grow and make a stunning statement in the garden. Laura suggests several new varieties that are worth a try. Elsewhere in the issue, Martin Stern of Squire House Gardens profiles Brent Horvath, a plant breeder committed to developing new varieties that are hardy and beautiful in our climate. Susannah Shmurak addresses the question, “Is it safe to grow food on the boulevard?” Her story is well-worth a read.

With this issue, we also introduce our new column devoted totally to pollinators. Rhonda Fleming Hayes, who formerly wrote about kitchen gardening for us and is the author of the book Pollinator Friendly Gardening, will write the column. We are excited to have Rhonda writing about this subject, which is a passion for her and many northern gardeners. Elizabeth Millard, author of Indoor Kitchen Gardening, will be taking over the Kitchen Garden column.

Please check out this issue. It’s the one with the lovely pink columbine flowers on the cover. Cover photo credit: Michelle Mero Riedel


  1. Cheryl Voss on August 9, 2018 at 6:18 pm

    How do I get a copy of this issue?

    • Mary Lahr Schier on August 9, 2018 at 7:57 pm

      Cheryl — Please contact MSHS at 651-643-3601 or email Tom McKusick at to get a copy. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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