It's Not Too Late to Plant Trees

trees for planting

You’ll still find plenty of trees and shrubs, many on sale, at local garden centers.

While it looks like much of Minnesota may experience frost later this week (and that’s later than normal), it’s not too late to plant trees, shrubs, even perennials. In fact, many landscapers recommend fall planting. There are several good reasons to plant in the fall.

Ka-ching! First, you will get a deal on plants. Many nurseries and garden centers would like to reduce inventory going into the winter, especially of heavier and more cumbersome items, like trees and shrubs. Most garden centers now have plants reduced by 20 to 50 percent.

No stress. For you, there are no guarantees about stress, but for trees and shrubs, a fall planting is often easier than one in spring (and certainly less stressful than being planted in summer.) Temperatures are generally milder in the fall, with highs and lows between the 20s and the 60s in October and November. Severe weather is less likely to occur than in spring months when tornadoes and hail are more likely.

A head start. By planting a tree or shrub in fall, you give it all winter to settle into its new home and that means it gets a head start come next spring. Plants will continue to grow in fall. After the ground freezes, they will be dormant, and then be ready to grow again in spring.

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Perennials and garden decor are also on sale now.

Successful planting. Whenever you plant, follow the planting guidelines your garden center recommends. Generally, new plantings should be watered daily (4 to 6 quarts) through the first six weeks after planting and then every other day after that. Stop watering when the ground freezes. Come next spring, be sure to continue to adequately water your new plants.

Will you be planting this fall?

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