GIAB Resources: Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom

 Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom is an organization dedicated to increasing agricultural literacy through education. Because agriculture affects our quality of life so significantly, it’s important for students to understand its role and value.

Agriculture in the classroom logoThe organization has a program called Agriculture in the Classroom to improve student achievement by bringing agricultural-based content to the classroom. The curriculum aims to teach core agriculture concepts in every subject from science to nutrition. The goal of this program is to cultivate an understanding of the fundamental food system that we rely on every day.Thorough education about agriculture allows children to ponder future career paths in the field. Passion about the environment and agriculture starts in the classroom. Each year, the organization reaches more than 135,000 students, 4,500 teachers, and 715 schools. The resources the organization provides include an e-newsletter, garden guides, video stories, posters, grants, and workshops. Most of the resources offered are free or close to free.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the help of over 70 agricultural businesses and organizations that financially support the MAITC Foundation. The Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom aims to help others understand the value of agriculture. Understanding where our produce comes from and ways to participate in agriculture in your own home is just a couple of ways the organization helps communities understand the value of agriculture.


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