Youth Lessons and Activities for Gardening

Lessons and activities are a fun way to engage students with a school garden. We’ve included some resources to check out for ideas below. 

  • Youth Grow Garden Lesson Manual: A good comprehensive guide for K-5. The manual includes classroom management, food safety, evaluations, plant parts, seeds, pollinators, and more. Both lesson plans and activities are included in this free resource.  
  • Junior Master Gardener: Curriculum: Curriculum from early childhood education to high school. A variety of topics are covered through their curriculum. Cost associated with curriculum. 
  • Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom: Under the Educator Center tab, there are a variety of resources available. Search for specific lessons or activities using their Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix. 
  • School Garden Lesson Plans: Free lesson plans from Pre-K to 5th grade. Activities cover gardening, nutrition, agriculture, and consumer education. Lessons are well organized, allowing for easy navigation.  
  • Pint-Size Produce: Early childhood gardening activities. Content created by a Garden-in-a-Box Participant, Renewing the Countryside for Childcare Providers.  

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