GIAB Resources: is a great resource for anyone interested in starting or growing a school garden. They have more than 100 lesson plans and activities available to educators. Resources are available for students K-12. The wide variety of gardening activities is great for customizable education plans.  After subscribing to their monthly newsletter, most resources are free to download.

Listed below are resources that have been helpful in the past:

General Gardening Concepts:

  • Safe Gardening: For help on site selection, watering, composting, animal manure, and student safety
  • When and How to Plant: Determine your gardening timeline. Dates to plant indoors, transplanting outdoors, and direct sowing chart
  • Companion Planting: Understanding rotations, successions, and attracting beneficial insects
  • Preparing Soil: How to test and cultivate your soil


  • Teaching Nutrition: Ideas for teaching nutrition in the classroom. Includes additional resources for planning nutrition-related activities.

Youth Lessons & Activities:

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