Congratulations, Potted Plant Show Winners

The 2021 Minnesota State Fair was different in many ways, but in keeping with tradition, the first two days of the fair included displays of some of the prettiest potted plants Minnesotans can grow. The MSHS Potted Plant Show includes categories for houseplants, container plants, cacti and more. And, Minnesota gardeners did not disappoint.

We can't list all of the ribbon winners, but did want to highlight the section winners. These gardeners showed plant perfection in their entries.

winning potted plant

This caudex was the winner of the Grand Prize at the MSHS Potted Plant Show. Photo courtesy of Beth Upton

Grand Prize

The Grand Prize went to Beth Upton for her Euphorbia francoisii, a caudex, which is a plant with a short, swollen stem from which leaves arise. Euphorbia francoisii have the most variable leaf form of any plant on Earth, according to the World of Succulents website. Beth purchased hers as a very small plant from local grower Dennis Hoidal more than a decade ago.  She is a member of the Minnesota Cactus and Succulent Society.

Category Winners

winning cactus

Alyssa Murphy entered this Corypanthus elephantidens, which won the best cactus award.

Other category winners include Alyssa Murphy in both the succulent category and the cacti category; Mary Brickzin-Gale in both the decorative vegetable and herb category and the planter and dish garden category; Jeffrey Thole in the houseplants category; Tom Gale in the large display plant category; and Rita Gindt-Marvig in both the patio plant category and the indoor blooming plant category.

Congratulations to all the winners and to the other ribbon winners.

This year's potted plant show was a bit smaller than usual, but the displays were no less impressive. We hope you'll consider entering your prized specimens next year!

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  1. Barbara Gasterland on November 11, 2021 at 3:26 pm

    Big Thank yous to all the volunteers who made the show happen and judges with there plant expertise.

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