Best Garden Advice from Our Facebook Fans

Last week, we sponsored a giveaway of the new book, The Northern Gardener: From Apples to Zinnias, on our Facebook fan page. To be entered in the drawing, we asked our fans to tell us the best garden advice they had received from their favorite garden mentor, whether a grandparent, parent, friend or neighbor. Nearly 100 people entered the contest, and they had so much good garden advice, we just had to share it.

There isn’t room for all the comments, though you can find them on the post, but here are a few of our favorites:

Good Advice: Pull weeds before they get too large.

Some of the advice was short and sweet:

  • “Compost, compost, compost!”
  • “Mulch”
  • “Do not overwater!”
  • “Keep up with your weeding”

There were lots of practical tips.

  • “Re: weeding. If in doubt, don’t pull it out.”
  • “It’s all about the hole. Make sure it is deep enough and wide enough. Nothing guarantees garden success more.”
  • “Don’t till your soil when it’s wet.”
  • “Use newspaper as a weed barrier, skip the landscape fabric.”
  • “Label all perennials”
  • “Fall leaves are great for your garden.”

Good advice: Label perennials so you know where they are planted.

Tomatoes were the subject of lots of advice, including:

  • “Never plant tomatoes outside before Memorial Day.”
  • “Pinch the first tomato blossoms off to get a LOT more tomatoes.”
  • “Tomatoes and carrots plant next to each other.”
  • “The trench method of planting tomatoes.”
  • “Fish and banana peels under my tomatoes.”
  • “Plant your tomatoes deep so they develop strong roots.”

Some of the garden advice was more philosophical:

  • “Growing a garden will nourish your soul.”
  • “Gardening is an experiment, no matter how long you have been doing it.”
  • “Never has a master fallen from the sky. It takes time and patience to learn to garden.”
  • “Start small and increase over time. That way you won’t get overwhelmed or discouraged”
  • “If you don’t know what you are doing, do it anyway. You’ll learn.”
  • “Grow what you love!”
  • “Share your bounty.”

A beautiful garden was meant to be enjoyed and shared!

Thanks to all the fans who commented on the post and shared their garden advice, and congratulations to Jessica Benson of Randall, MN, who won the copy of The Northern Gardener.

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