Show Off Your Plants at the State Fair

With all the rain we’ve had this year, there are some really good-looking containers in people’s gardens. Or, maybe you have an indoor plant you have been nurturing for years. Or a succulent tray or other unusual plant you are especially proud of. It’s time to show off your plant beauties at the MSHS Potted Plant Show at the Minnesota State Fair.

plant show entrant

A young entrant in the plant show gets help with registrations.

The show runs the first two days of the fair, Thursday, Aug. 22, and Friday, Aug. 23, in the Horticulture Building. The plant show has many categories, including tropicals, succulents, houseplants, cacti, vines, mixed containers, terrariums, bonsai and more. The show also offers a chance for plant societies and other specialty plant groups to create a display to show State Fair visitors how cool your plant is. It’s very easy to sign up using our online form, then you bring your plant to the fair before between noon and 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 21. This is a fun time to be at the fair, and you will have no trouble driving in to drop off your plant. Just tell the guard at the Como Avenue gate you are going to the Horticulture Building to drop off an entry! (Yes, it is kind of exciting.)

plant show judges

Entries are judged by certfied judges.

The entries are judged by certified plant judges from MSHS on Wednesday evening, and when the fair opens Thursday morning all the plants are on display with ribbons awarded. For the next two days, hundreds of people walk through the display to admire the plants. Friday evening, as the fair closes at 9 p.m., you’ll need to pick up your plant after its time in the spotlight. (It will probably need water and a few days of quiet!) Exhibitors will be given parking passes when they drop off their plants, so it won’t be too difficult to pick up the plants as the show ends.

If you have always wanted to win a blue ribbon or just be part of the Minnesota State Fair, the MSHS Potted Plant Show is an easy and fun way to enter. We hope to see you (and your plant!) at the fair.

plant snow visitors

After the fair opens, visitors admire the entrants.



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