March/April Northern Gardener on Newsstands Now

Lettuce alert you to the newest issue of Northern Gardener—the one filled with spring enthusiasm and rows and rows of greens on the cover.

The March/April 2020 issue of Northern Gardener is in subscribers’ hands by now and should be on newsstands, too. The magazine is carried at most Barnes and Noble stores in Minnesota, Lunds and Byerlys, as well as at those garden centers that are discount partners with MSHS.

March/April Northern GardenerThe cover story by long-time blogger and vegetable gardener Susy Morris  is about ways to grow lettuce throughout the growing season. Even though I’ve grown lettuce for years, I learned several new things from Susy’s article. Here’s one: rather than starting lettuce every two weeks for an extended harvest as most sources suggest, northern gardeners are better off starting seed every four weeks. Starting seed more often than that usually results in the harvest coming all at once. The article is filled with other tips and ideas as well as lettuce variety recommendations.

Elsewhere in the issue, Susan Davis Price introduces readers to two of her neighbors—gardeners who garden side-by-side and have created a cohesive (and beautiful) space in their gardens. Many gardeners who live near each other share seeds and plants, but these two gardeners have taken it to a new level.

There are plenty of articles you can put to use immediately. Michelle Mero Riedel has a timely article on how to get in shape for the gardening season with recommendations of tools and techniques for avoiding injury. Beth Stetenfeld suggests plants that grow best in sunny locations but can still thrive in different types of shade. Gail Brown Hudson shares with readers her experiment in creating “a sprinkling of spring,” by using a variety of bulbs planted randomly together. The technique is based on the naturalistic style of Dutch garden designer Jacqueline van der Kloet. Finally, Meg Cowden shows that given the right techniques and some warm weather, even northern gardeners can grow peanuts!

Of course, all of our wonderful columnists are in this issue of Northern Gardener with ideas on everything from dealing with Canada thistle to thinking about climate change. Debbie Lonnee also introduces readers to two new varieties of disease-resistant impatiens.


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