Low-Maintenance Way to Water Your Vegetable Garden

The Twin Cities home shows — the Minnesota Home and Patio Show, which runs this weekend, and the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show, which is open Feb. 28-March 3 — are great places to pick up gardening and landscaping tips. The Northern Gardener stage was the scene of two very informative talks Thursday night in St. Paul.

bobby jensen great tipDon Engebretson, a.k.a., The Renegade Gardener, talked about “really cool plants for northern gardens” (more on that talk tomorrow) and Bobby Jensen of Grow with KARE talked about vegetable gardening. Bobby had some great ideas for gardeners but here’s one that I had never heard before that I’m definitely putting into practice in my vegetable garden this year.

If you don’t have time to water as often as you should, try the bucket method. Take a 5 gallon plastic bucket and drill about five holes in the bottom of it. The holes should be no more than 1/8th inch in diameter — very tiny. Nestle the bucket in the soil in a central location in your vegetable bed. (This will work really well in my raised beds.) Fill the bucket with water and walk away. The water will slowly trickle into the soil. You could even add fish emulsion or some other amendment to feed the plants as well as water them.

For more great ideas on gardening, check out the list of programs over the weekend at the show. (Both Don and Bobby will be back, if you’d like to hear the entire talk.)

—Mary Lahr Schier

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