July/August Northern Gardener Available

The July/August 2017 issue of Northern Gardener is on newsstands now, and it's the one with the cute little girl on the cover. This wonderful image was taken by Tracy Poser Walsh for her article on "Growing Up Gardening."

Like a lot of gardeners, Tracy grew up growing vegetables, fruits and flowers with her parents, who have a large garden in rural Morrison County. Now, the next generation of the Poser family is being introduced to the joys of planting, weeding and harvesting. Tracy's article (and gorgeous photos that go with it) describes how gardening can be a family activity that builds connections across generations and cements a love for family and the earth. It's reminder to all of us gardeners to nurture the next generation of gardeners.

Elsewhere in this issue of Northern Gardener, Gail Brown Hudson profiles Dan and Dianne Latham, an Edina couple whose gardenĀ  feels like a botanical garden, with its trees, shrubs and beds of lilies and tropical plants. Michelle Mero Riedel shares her fondness for unusual containers. From rubber boots to miniature tree stumps, Michelle finds the perfect plant for her whimsical containers. Elizabeth Stetenfeld writes about the unusual native plants she thinks fit well in a home garden. These are 10 hardy plants you will want to try. If you like basil, check out Samantha Johnson's story on different types of basil and how to use them in cooking -- I can't wait to try the basil-citrus cookie recipe!

It's a great issue, filled with our usual columns, a class list and a list of the many garden tours in Minnesota this summer. You can find Northern Gardener at Byerly's and Lund's stores, Barnes and Noble bookstore, Kowalski's and most good garden centers throughout Minnesota.



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