Gift Ideas: Garden Book Division

Yesterday, we listed some garden gift ideas from our November/December issue of Northern Gardener magazine. Today, I wanted to suggest some options you might consider for your favorite gardeners who enjoy a garden book from time to time.

We’ve written a few times about my new book of garden wisdom, based on the files of MSHS, which was published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press this fall, and (if I do say so myself) would be a great book gift for new gardeners or those who like to explore traditional ways of gardening. Here’s more about The Northern Gardener: From Apples to Zinnias.

But, did you know, that several Northern Gardener contributors have books available, too? Just in the past couple of years, there have been at least a half a dozen books written with connections to MSHS, including

In addition to those more recent publications, you could check out books from Don Engebretson, Meleah Maynard, and Debbie Lonnee.

Finally, one other favorite for northern gardeners: John Whitman’s new book on vegetable gardening, Fresh from the Garden, is the complete guide to vegetable gardening. Or, check out the book on cold-climate perennials written by John, Debbie Lonnee and MSHS board chair (and longtime nursery owner) Mike Heger.

No matter what your garden interests, there are plenty of books to choose from!

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