We're Getting Ready for the Minnesota State Fair!

Take a break in the soothing MSHS garden at the Minnesota State Fair.

Take a break in the soothing MSHS garden at the Minnesota State Fair.

The Minnesota State Fair doesn’t open until tomorrow, but we’re getting everything ready to go for what is possibly the busiest two weeks of the year for the Minnesota State Horticultural Society.

Here’s what we have going:

Our Booth near THE DIRT stage in the Agriculture/Horticulture Building offers members a chance to renew their membership. New members and renewing members will get a special gift for joining. The booth also offers garden-themed T-shirts, books on gardening, fantastic garden gloves, garden art and everything for the gardener in your life (except plants!).

An educational display on pollinators will be located near the booth. This display is a great place to learn about all the different types of pollinators, the threats they are facing and what gardeners can do to support pollinators.

Free seeds! The good folks from Save Our Monarchs have donated 650 packets of milkweed seeds to MSHS to distribute at the fair. Milkweed is an essential plant for the development of monarch butterflies. We’ll also have information on monarchs and what you can do to help them.

The MSHS Garden is a great place to take a breather when the fair noise and excitement gets to be too much. Thanks to some wonderful volunteers from the St. Anthony Park Garden Club, this garden demonstrates how much color and beauty you can have in a Minnesota garden in late summer. It’s a little different each year, so be sure to stop by.

State Fair Cactus, Succulent and Potted Plant Show is held the first two days of the fair only. You’ll see some beautiful and exotic plants, bonsai, succulents, patio pots among many others. If you enjoy growing plants in pots, be sure to check it out. Who knows? You might enter next year and earn yourself a blue ribbon!

See you at the fair!

big pumpkin3

OK, this is not part of the MSHS booth. But, admit it, you want to see the big pumpkins! They are just down the hall from us.


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