A Gardener's Legacy

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Mildred Wieners in her iris garden.

legacy photoToday, Mildred Hinicker Wieners will be celebrating her 101st birthday at her home in Hastings. Mildred is a life-long gardener who instilled a love of gardening in each of her seven children.

To mark her birthday, her daughter Elizabeth Canaviti prepared an article about Mildred, her gardens and how gardening has become a tradition in the Wieners family. It’s a lovely story and we’re so happy that the family is allowing us to share it with readers of the Northern Gardener blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

As far back as her children can remember, there were two beautiful red climbing rose bushes spread across a trellis that spanned the entire kitchen wall. Anyone entering the back door could smell their fragrant perfume and admire their deep red color. They bloomed almost all summer long. Mildred particularly loved the roses and she proceeded to plant them all along the east side of the house. All her daughters have a rose bush or six!


We hope you will enjoy the article as much as we did. (Just click the article image to get the full story.) Gardeners all leave a legacy — in their gardens or in their families or both. Happy birthday, Mildred!

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