Fall Northern Gardener is on Newsstands

The September/October 2020 issue of Northern Gardener is on newsstands now, and it’s filled with useful and inspiring information.

Northern Gardener cover with hibscus flowerOur cover image comes from Gail Brown Hudson’s article on why fall is the best time for garden planning and planting. The article is filled with suggestions for how to assess your garden to make next year better than ever. If your garden looks droopy in fall, one suggestion was to plant hardy hibiscus (that’s the plant on the cover), which blooms late and is a real stunner.

Kathy Purdy of the Cold Climate Gardening website shares her love of colchicums, a fall blooming bulb that is hardy to our area. Colchicums come up in spring as foliage, then go dormant. In fall, they send up delicate, crocus-like blooms. A perfect September surprise!

You’ll also want to “check out” Michelle Bruhn’s article on the growing seed library movement. Michelle is a volunteer with a seed library in White Bear Lake, but there are seed libraries all around the state. The article includes a list of all the libraries we know of. If you are part of a local seed library, let us know in the comments!

Diane McGann walks us through her garden renovation in this issue, which started with a leaky pond liner and ended with a completely different landscape. Soni Forsman shows readers how one couple grows a fruit-filled garden on a small urban lot. And, finally, Samantha Johnson advocates for the herb lemon balm (it’s one of my favorites, too), which is easy to grow, wonderful to smell and delicious in cooking.

Of course, our usual columnists are on hand as well with lots of information and inspiration for your garden. If you plan to plant bulbs this fall, be sure to read Laura Schwarz’s article on perennial tulips.


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