Book Review: Emma Bee

During the Minnesota State Fair, Duluth author Pamela Fish Carlson visited our booth and signed copies of her new children’s book, Emma Bee (Beaver Pond Press, 2019). Pam and her book were a big hit with fairgoers, especially those with children in their lives.

emma bee coverEmma Bee is the story of a young honeybee, heading out on her first trips to gather nectar and pollen for her hive. Emma is excited about her new task, during which she encounters lovely flower gardens full of what she needs as well as humans who are afraid of bees and those who would poison them. The book is well-written and finely observed. Mama Queenie’s advice to Emma to “hug the flowers” as she gathers nectar reminded me of how bees do seem to embrace blooms when gathering nectar, especially late in the season.

The hardcover, picture book’s illustrations by Tessa Carlson are rich in greens, yellows and deep reds and have enough detail in them to keep youngsters engaged over multiple readings of the book. It’s printed on thick pages, too, which will stand up to lots of page-turning.

The book ends with suggestions for how families can help bees by planting pollinator-friendly plants and not using pesticides.

Emma Bee‘s bright images and sweet story make it an ideal gift for any future gardener or naturalist. You can find it online or in select area bookstores.


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