Awards for Northern Gardener

NG coverLike most folks who publish magazines or blogs or books, we at Northern Gardener most enjoy hearing comments and compliments from our readers. “That feature really helped me figure out how to design my garden,” or “Finally, I know what that weird thing on my plant is,” or (my favorite) “I was so excited to see the magazine in my mailbox. I’m going to read it this weekend.”

Still, it’s also great to know that your peers think you are doing a good job, too. Last night, Northern Gardener won three awards at the Minnesota Magazine and Publishing Association awards event. We were happy to win the bronze award for overall excellence for specialty publications, which looks at the entire magazine: photos, articles, layout. The magazine also won a bronze in how-to writing. The article, written and photographed by freelancer Rhonda Fleming Hayes, offered 10 tips for taking better garden photos. It’s well-worth a read for anyone who loves to take pictures as well as to garden. Finally, Northern Gardener won a gold award for best featuring writing for a profile of the garden of Ted Beverly and Rick Chrustowski in rural Wisconsin written by Tom McKusick. Readers of this blog may know Tom as our resident tomato guru. He’s also publisher of the magazine and an occasional writer for it. It’s a beautifully written article, enhanced by dramatic photos taken by photographer Jennifer Simonson.

Congratulations, Tom and Rhonda, and THANK YOU to all the contributors who make Northern Gardener successful and especially all the readers who support it!

—Mary Lahr Schier



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