Gardening Love and Lunacy

asparagus fern indoors

Let’s face it: gardening in a northern zone means November is about as depressing as gardening gets. I mean, I love my plants, and watching the last little flowers on my rose bushes, obedient plants and a few other late-blooming soldiers succumb to the frigid temps actually makes me sad. I know there is nothing…

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Herbal Happy Hour

grapefruit and thyme bourbon smash

Few things brighten up a winter kitchen like a cheerful container of herbs on the windowsill, but those savory stems take on glamorous appeal when used to class up some classic cocktails. More than just looking pretty, however, these everyday herbs add interesting dimensions when infused into otherwise ordinary tipples. This winter, wow your guests…

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Fairies and Freak-outs


Bugs. I’m not generally a fan – I don’t want them in my house, my hair or my stuff – and it’s taken a lot of maturity, mini-freakouts and online gardening (read: counseling) groups to come to the acceptance that sometimes we want them around us and our garden. And sometimes we don’t. I admit,…

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The Journey

If you’re reading this, you have a special relationship with making things appear from dirt. To some, it would seem an odd obsession, but to your kindred spirits here, it is a way of being. There are so many things that can bring us to this love’s doorstep: Maybe it’s the thrill of a bloom,…

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How to Outsmart Squirrels

garden squirrel

Resistance may be futile, but try these tactics for keeping squirrels out of your garden. I like to imagine what a squirrel real estate listing for my backyard would look like: … Mature silver maple tree with several nice south-facing holes, excellent sheltered sunlight in winter. Heated birdbath nearby provides ample water year-round. Black dog…

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2022 Minnesota State Fair

2022 state fair

Can it really be State Fair time? It’s gently raining and 63 degrees as I write this (my garden is loving it, though my tomatoes may never ripen!), but we are in full preparation mode for a full return to State Fair this year. Come visit us in the Dirt Wing of the Agriculture/Horticulture Building…

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Nice to Meet You, Gardeners

During the interviews for the position of editor for Northern Gardener, the committee from the Minnesota State Horticultural Society asked me how I would establish my credentials as a gardening authority with this very savvy gardening community. Good question. I thought about it for a minute. “I would just tell them how many things I’ve…

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A Seasonal Schedule for Northern Gardener Magazine

“Northern Gardener is here!”  My wife and I, together with our 17,000+ readers, eagerly await each bold splash of color, expertise and inspiration in our mailboxes.  In 2023, Northern Gardener will shift to four print publications plus one shorter online supplement. This is based on feedback from member surveys, researching other publications and extensive analysis.…

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May/June Northern Gardener Available

The May/June 2022 issue of Northern Gardener is on newsstands now, featuring a bright cover with Minnesota’s state flower, the lady’s slipper, on it. The issue is full of ideas and inspiration for for your summer garden. The cover image, taken by Tracy Walsh, goes with Betty Ann Addison’s article about new hybrids of lady’s…

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Northern Gardener Editor to Retire

A Tribute by Mary H. Meyer, MSHS Board Chair and Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota Mary Schier, long time editor of Northern Gardener, has a pulse on gardening in the North! Mary is retiring in June after 17 years as editor of Northern Gardener. Her editorial leadership, timely articles and inspiration will be missed by…

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