Art in Bloom: Macy's Flower Show

Whether you are an art lover or a plant aficionado, the Macy’s Flower Show this year is well worth a visit. I am both a plant and art lover, so it was extra fun to see how the designers from Macy’s and Bachman’s (a partner in the event) matched the paintings chosen with plants.

mondrianBy far the standout piece in the display is this arrangement based on Piet Mondrian’s grid-based paintings of the early 1920s. These paintings are bright and striking and the style has been re-purposed for everything from hair products to cake. The tulips, hyacinths and other spring flowers really bring the painting to life.

Of course, the joy of any flower show comes in the scent and humidity the plants create. A perfect antidote for the end of winter. (See some of the images below. I especially liked the Itoh peonies that were in bloom.) The show is open through this Saturday (April 4) and each day there will be cooking exhibitions at the show. The show is in the 8th Floor Auditorium at Macy’s in downtown Minneapolis. The show is free.

Have you visited the Macy’s flower show this year?

—Mary Lahr Schier

Itoh peony 'Mikasa'

Itoh peony ‘Mikasa’

Tulip time!

Tulip time!

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