Start Your Valentine’s Day with Our Strawberry-Mint Smoothie

Aw, the Minnesota State Fair. It’s been a long time since the fair, where we unveiled our popular “Garden to Glass” display, which included four wonderful recipes for drinks you can make with garden-grown produce and herbs.

strawberry-mint smoothieThe garden is under snow now, but if you have some homegrown or store-bought strawberries in the freezer, why not enjoy this strawberry-mint smoothie to mark Valentine’s Day? It’s non-alcoholic, so make a batch for the whole family and start dreaming of your summer garden.

Here’s what’s in the smoothie:

Strawberry Mint Smoothie*

3/4 cup yogurt (your choice of type and fat level)

3/4 cup fresh or frozen strawberries

1/2 cup full-fat coconut milk

1/4 cup fresh mint

1 TBSP honey

Mix it all together in a blender until smooth and garnish with hulled strawberries or mint leaves — or a candy heart! Smoothies are wonderfully flexible, so you could changed out the fruit, the type of milk or the herb. This recipe works best with a high-powered blender. If you have something smaller, you may want to add some water or milk. If you like things green, you may even want to try our Pineapple-Parsley Smoothie.) *Recipe makes one large or two small strawberry-mint smoothies.

Growing Herbs Indoors

You can usually find fresh mint in the store this time of year. You may even be able to grow mint on your windowsill in your kitchen using a rooted plant that you bought at the store. While growing herbs on a window in your kitchen is a convenient idea, choose the window with the best light in your house, preferably south-facing, to grow herbs for your strawberry-mint smoothie.

Plant the herbs in a loose soil in a container that allows for easy drainage. Let them dry out between waterings and pick the herbs as you need them. You’ll be surprised how quickly you will be picking herbs for your smoothies and other cooking.




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