Slow Food Movement

slow food movement

The Slow Food Movement encourages deeper thinking around food. It links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and environment. When we reconnect with systems that produce our food, we have an opportunity to make our current food system more equitable and sustainable.

An important piece in changing the food system? Education. Slow Food USA developed a school garden curriculum built upon three key elements:

  1. Activities and instruction focused on growing food
  2. Activities centered around cooking and eating
  3. Promotion of delicious, clean and fair food for all

At each education level, these pillars are encouraged in different ways. The chart below shows the types of curriculum Slow Foods encourages at elementary, middle and high schools.


slow food chart


Slow Food USA's Good Curriculum is free to download and full of exercises on identifying tastes, developing preferences and cooking. Recommended for grades K-5.

The Clean Curriculum is also free. Topics include plant life cycles, pollinators, permaculture and more. Recommended for grades K and up.

A new Fair Curriculum will be realeased soon—stay tuned.

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