Rochester Garden & Flower Club Honored

Big congratulations to the 150 members of the Rochester Garden & Flower Club! The club, a long-time affiliate of MSHS, was honored Oct. 17 at the Rochester Arts & Cultural Trust’s fifth annual Fete: A Celebration of Excellence in the Arts. The Rochester Garden & Flower Club was named one of the top three groups for the People’s Choice Award!

rochester garden tour

The Rochester Garden & Flower Club tour features lush gardens throughout the region.

Established in 1929, the club has hosted its Annual Garden Tour since the 1940s. At that time, it was a event for club members only.  The tour opened to the public in the early 1990s.  Wanting to enhance the tour experience, local musicians and artists were invited into the private gardens in 2011.  Musicians and artists in the gardens significantly refined the tour and showcased the art of gardening. It’s a fantastic tour, and well worth a trip to Rochester for interested gardeners.

Rochester garden art

Artists and musicians are featured at tour locations, adding to the fun of the event and supporting local artists.

The Rochester Garden & Flower Club Annual Garden Tour continues to support local musicians, artists, craftspeople and garden-oriented businesses.  Since 2011, 37 artists, 28 solo musicians and eight musical groups have generously shared their talents with this annual garden tour.  The profits from the tour assist in the funding of several of the club’s community projects, most notably, garden renovation at Rochester’s History Center of Olmsted County, Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial Gardens care and maintenance, Olmsted County 4H, and scholarships to Rochester Community & Technical College students.

Garden clubs, such as the Rochester Garden & Flower Club, are vibrant additions to their communities, raising money for community activities, beautifying community spaces, creating community gardens and making our neighborhoods and cities better places to live.

Rochester garden winners

Members of the club attended “The Fete,” where the club was named one of the People’s Choice winners.

Congratulations to the Rochester Garden & Flower Club!

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