Garden TV for Prairie Gardeners

Minnesota gardeners are a fortunate lot. In addition to our own Northern Gardener magazine, which offers zone-specific gardening information, we also have a couple of TV shows that provide garden information and insight just for the North. Many of us are familiar with Grow with KARE, featuring Bobby Jensen and Belinda Jensen, which runs each Friday and Saturday has been around for 25 years.

Prairie Yard and Garden TV host Mary Holm (left) talks with Jill Stevens of Benson, MN about her peony collection during a past episode of the Minnesota-based garden TV show.

For those who garden outside of the Twin Cities, the go-to garden show is Prairie Yard and Garden, which has been on Pioneer Public TV for more than 30 years. The show is a partnership of the University of Minnesota at Morris, the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and Pioneer Public TV. The show will start its 31st season of garden TV at 7:30 pm. today (Jan. 18), with a program in which host Mary Holm visits the stunning Park Rapids garden of Marilyn and Donovon Folden.

Other topics for this year’s 13-show season include xierscaping, gardening on heritage farmsteads, growing dahlias, creating succulent gardens in the North and tips and tricks for growing apples in Minnesota. For the full line up, check out this listing. Each program is rebroadcast later in the spring, and most importantly for those of us living outside of Pioneer Public TV’s broadcast area, they are available for viewing online, too.

Congratulations to Mary Holm and the folks who put together Prairie Yard and Garden for creating some wonderful garden TV programs, especially for northern gardeners!

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