Garden-in-a-Box Program


MSHS has hired a new Garden-in-a-Box Program Coordinator.

Join us in welcoming Maria Brosofske! She will be contacting previous program participants in the coming weeks.

The 2019 program application form is now available through April 6, 2019.

Visit the How to Apply page to review the program requirements, then apply through our online form. This application is for potential new and returning program participants.



This program is funded through foundation and corporate grants, as well as individual gifts. Find out who supports the program and how you can help.

Program Participant Resources

Resources for Garden-in-a-Box program participants. Harvest record, tasting journal, recipes and vegetable gardening information.

Garden-in-a-Box Stories

Read about some of the groups who have participated in the Garden-in-a-Box program over the years.

Garden-in-a-Box Gardens

Almost 400 vegetable garden kits are planted by over 80 organizations across the state of Minnesota every year.

People Served

We are providing gardening opportunities and fresh food to over 3,500 youth and members of low-income families.


“The kids love it!”

-Alyssa Lasar, St. Paul Park & Rec: Rice Rec Center

“We had many parents come in to help, and the kids just enjoyed it... This is such a wonderful opportunity for our students!”

-Katrina O’Connell, Lake Park Audubon Elementary School


“This is a fantastic program that you have, and our school appreciates it!”

-Rachel Theis, Edward Neill Elementary School

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