Fall Northern Gardener Available

You can’t miss the September/October 2017 issue of Northern Gardener, which is on newsstands now with big, beautiful, orange dahlias on the cover. The photo, from regular contributor Tracy Walsh, is of ‘Big Orange’ dahlias from Two Pony Gardens, a garden specializing in heirloom tomatoes and dahlias. Tracy profiles the gardens and their owner, Lisa Ringer, who has built a community around the gardens she tends in the western suburbs of Minneapolis.

Lisa’s garden is not the only one profiled in this issue. Meleah Maynard (with photos from Tom Roster) introduces readers to the quirky garden of Brenda and Randy Rau, who met when they both worked at a garden center and who continue to share a love of gardening together.

In addition to inspiration galore, this issue is filled with useful information as you conclude the garden season and plan for next year. Eric Johnson recommends nine standout shrubs to plant for fall color and beauty. Gail Brown Hudson keeps us up-to-date on a new threat to roses called rose rosette disease, which has been devastating to rose growers in more southern climates. Here’s hoping our cold winters will keep it at bay for at least a few years.

Finally, garden designer Martin Stern describes how gardeners can create perennial borders that have the lushness of a traditional English border, but considerably less work. By choosing reliable plants, planting them thickly, nurturing them early and improving the soil, it’s possible to have a full, luxuriant border in a home garden.

Northern Gardener is sold at many garden centers, bookstores and some grocery stores. You can also get a copy of every issue by buying a subscription or purchasing a membership in the Minnesota State Horticultural Society.


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