Easy Tips for Fall Garden Decor

We’ve had such a warm and glorious fall, it’s been hard to let go of summer. But, really, when you are four days away from Halloween, there is no more pretending.

gourds on cartBrighten your spirits and cheer up those who pass by your house with some fall garden decor. A few pumpkins, a spray of asters, some ornamental kaleā€”the options for easy and quick fall decorations are endless.

pumpkin planterIn the past, we have recommended using a pumpkin as a planter and they never fail to attract a smile from garden visitors. We’ve used purple kale, divisions of Autumn Joy sedum, even tall grasses as accents in the pumpkin. These fun containers are inexpensive, but they do not last long — a good soaking rain and they will slump.

Speaking of pumpkins, why not just arrange a few pumpkins, gourds and fall plants in a container or on your porch. Our editor uses a metal horse trough container to display fall gourds and plants. Of, here’s the ultimate in simple fall decor — arrange some pumpkins and gourds on a cart on your front porch. It takes five minutes and is a simple replacement for containers of spent annuals.

autumn wreath2If you would like to create a beautiful fall wreath for your door, check out the How-to column in the November/December 2015 issue of Northern Gardener. Our resident DIY guy Eric Johnson has some great tips for creating either a fall or winter wreath that will last, thanks to two preservation agents. While this project is not exactly easy, it’s less difficult that you would think.

Or, consider using succulents to decorate a pumpkin. This idea has been around for a few years but it never fails to impress, and it’s surprisingly easy.

pumpkin finishedIf you are ready to skip fall entirely and move right into the holiday season, consider attending this class on how to create an evergreen container. Sponsored by MSHS and conducted at Wagners Greenhouse, the class will help you create an eye-catching evergreen container to add to the beauty of your home. With the right decorations, this kind of container can keep visitors smiling from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day.

What’s your favorite fall decoration?


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