Community Gardening


It’s hard to believe you are in a typical suburban neighborhood when you are in the midst of this five-yard garden, which features a stream and pond.

Most of us think of community gardening as growing vegetables in a community plot. We love that idea (and MSHS has a plot in a community garden near the office in Roseville.) But some creative gardeners we know are doing ornamental gardens in common.

We wrote about two neighbors in Rochester who garden a total of five lots back in July/August of last year. On the MSHS/Washington County Horticultural Society tour Saturday, tour-goers were treated to seeing another community garden — a magnificent, five-yard, beautifully designed space. One of the gardeners is the driver behind the space, which is very vertical, with many paths and walls and a beautiful stream. But all of the neighbors assist with the labor, and of course, all of them enjoy the space. The photos below give just a hint of what this neighborhood garden offers its delighted residents.


A large pond with a fountain is the centerpiece of the garden.


This garden gets all the details right, even coordinating the color of the container with the plants.


The plants are impressive, too, and the bees were swarming this beebalm.

moon river hosta

Hostas are a big feature of the mostly shady space. This is ‘Moon River’ hosta.


So pretty.






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