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How to Grow & Harvest Garlic in the North

It's easy! Learn when to plant garlic, which varieties grow best in cold climates and how to harvest.

How to Take Great Garden Photos

Discover your garden through a camera lens and learn tips and tricks on how to take amazing photos in various weather and light conditions and all seasons. 

Growing Culinary Ginger

Ready to grow a bumper crop? Expert grower Melissa Driscoll shares her best tips for successfully growing and harvesting baby ginger in your home garden (outside in Minnesota!).

Planting a Garden with Seed Saving in Mind

The process of saving seeds starts with planting the best seeds for saving. Learn the steps to grow a successful crop and collect seeds.

Garden Planning

Crop rotation, companion planting, successions... our community programs director Courtney Tchida explains how to create a plan for your growing space.

Starting Seeds

Psst! We're sharing our top tips for seed selection, soil mixes, flats, pots, lighting, temperature and fertilizers for best growth.

Growing Vegetables

From arugula to zucchini (plus fruits, herbs and edible flowers!), discover what foods you can grow in cold climates. 

Veggie Garden Pest Management

Protect your harvest! Learn how to manage squash vine borers, flea beetles cabbage loopers and other pests that vegetable plants attract.

Cover Crops and Soil Fertility

Our community programs director Courtney Tchida digs into fall garden prep and cover crops, sharing ways to prepare your growing area for spring.

Backyard Composting

Ginny Black of the MN Composting Council has been composting in her backyard for 20 years. She explains how you can turn your food scraps and yard debris into a healthy growing medium.

Winter Sowing

Sowing seeds outdoors in winter (yes, in the Upper Midwest!) is easy, rewarding and inexpensive. Learn how to make mini greenhouses from recyclables around the house and continue growing all winter.

Growing Dahlias: Part 1

Pro Dahlia Del shares his best practices around caring for these garden stunners from January through June.

Growing Dahlias: Part 2

Learn about late-season dahlia care from the expert, Dahlia Del, himself. Part 2 focuses on what to do July through December.

Battling Buckthorn

Learn a variety of buckthorn control techniques and best management practices from the pros. Sink less time and money into restoring native woodland plant and wildlife habitats.


Oriental bittersweet is killing our native, 100-year-old oak trees. Explore ways to prevent new infestations and techniques for controlling this invasive plant.

Garlic Mustard

Presenter Cheryl Culbreth considers this invasive plant "the bane of my existence." Learn about control options so that you can help restore native plant communities and wildlife habitat.

January 2021 Minnesota Woodland Owner Series:

Woodland Planning

Your Woodland Legacy

Get the finance conversation started with the University of Minnesota Extension.

Woodland Stewardship Plans

Explore stewardship plans and financial incentives programs with Andy McGuire of the Minnesota DNR.

Conservation Easements

Learn about easements in Minnesota with Christine Ostern of the Minnesota DNR.

April 2021 Minnesota Woodland Owner Series:

Growing Your Dream Forest

Choosing, Planting, Protecting

Find the ideal seedlings for your site with Amber Jungwirth from the Minnesota DNR.

Restoring Your Woods

Restore your woods after a buckthorn infestation with help from the Minnesota DNR's Jake Froyum.

Young Oaks

John Geissler of St. John's Abbey Arboretum shares how you can start young oaks in your woodland.

October 2021 Minnesota Woodland Owner Series

Harvesting Trees as a Management Tool

Tim-ber! Join Troy Holcomb with the Minnesota DNR's Division of Forestry and learn about harvesting trees.

Constructing and Maintaining Trails

Neil Slifka with the Minnesota DNR discusses how to build and maintain trails in your woodlands.

Managing for Reptiles and Amphibians

Environmental educator Misi Stine presents ways to manage your land for important reptiles and amphibians.

Minnesota Woodland Owner Workshop Series

Woodland Planning

Learn about woodland stewardship plans and financial incentives, conservation easements and your woodland legacy.

Grow Your Dream Forest

Growing a healthy and resilient woodland takes time and preparation. Get advice from natural resource professionals to help you succeed.

Improving Your Woods and Shoreline

Want to improve wildlife habitat in your woods? Concerned about your home surviving a wildfire? Is your lake's water quality poor? Explore ways you can improve the health of your woods and shoreline.

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