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Membership and subscription dues cover just half our operating costs. We depend on donations from gardeners like you to help sustain and grow our educational and community programs. Thank you for your support!

How does my gift help?

Your donations put garden boxes, soil, compost, seeds, vegetable plants, annual flowers, gardening tools and educational resources in the hands of families throughout Minnesota. School classrooms, daycare facilities, Habitat for Humanity groups, food shelves, summer youth programs, churches, senior living facilities, and group homes all benefit from your generosity through our Garden-in-a-Box program, which helps our at-risk neighbors learn to garden and grow fresh, healthy food. Your gift helps educate and encourage gardeners of this generation and the next.

Ways to Contribute

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Tax Deductibility

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What are program participants saying?

“MSHS does so much good—it has programs that make a real, sustainable difference, and it needs support. MSHS is the place to go for all things gardening!” 

          - Erin George, donor since 2000

“I contribute to MSHS because it’s a wonderful, longstanding, educational institution. It is the most broad-based gardening organization we have in Minnesota, so a lot of people can learn, whether they’re a new or a veteran gardener.”

          - Ralph & Loanne Thrane, Heirloom Circle members and donors since 1969


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