Growing Gardeners

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Your gift grows gardeners, bringing tools, education and gardening opportunities to more than 35,000 Minnesotans each year. Plus, your donation in any amount contributes to vibrant green communities, beautiful public spaces and more people growing healthy food. Thank you for your support!

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Every dollar helps.


How does my gift help?

Your donations put garden boxes, soil, compost, seeds, vegetable plants, annual flowers, gardening tools and educational resources in the hands of families throughout Minnesota. School classrooms, daycare facilities, Habitat for Humanity groups, food shelves, summer youth programs, churches, senior living facilities and group homes all benefit from your generosity through our Garden-in-a-Box program, GIAB helps our underserved neighbors learn to garden and grow fresh, healthy food. Your gift helps educate and encourage gardeners of this generation and the next.


Ways to Contribute

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Heirloom Circle

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Contributions at Work

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Tax Deductibility

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What are supporters saying?

"As longtime members, we like to donate to the Society because you help northern gardeners create a greener world. Thank you for all the work you do.” 

          —Barrie and Maeve, donors since 2010

“I work in a garden center and I know that education is key to a successful gardening experience. I donate to MSHS every year because they offer the best programs to support gardeners in this area.”

          — Terry B, Heirloom Circle member and donor since 2005

“I so appreciate the work you do. You helped me identify the plant trying to devour my yard and told me how to get rid of it. Love your garden tours and events, informative articles and social media posts, in addition to the work you do in schools and communities. You are the best of what we are in Minnesota.”  

          — Susan S, donor since 2018

“MSHS does so much good—it has programs that make a real, sustainable difference, and it needs support. MSHS is the place to go for all things gardening!” 

          — Erin G, donor since 2000