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About the garden

Rice Triangle started as a coordinated effort between the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board (CAAPB), Clear Channel, the City of St. Paul, Hmongtown Market, the Junior League of Saint Paul and the hort society. Our goal? To create a community space that encourages positive, face-to-face interaction between people and develops otherwise underutilized space as a community asset known as “placemaking.” Active placemaking creates spaces worth caring about and fosters initiative in people to care for them over time.

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How to reserve a plot

To reserve a spot in this garden, anyone is welcome to call xxx at xxx. We also ask that complete our Gardener Agreement form:

Garden plots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Watering + weeding schedule

This garden depends on watering, weeding and general maintenance support from our community. Sign up to help keep this community oasis thriving:

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