Calling all gardeners and garden centers! Together, we can help struggling pollinator populations. When greenhouses sell and home gardeners purchase and plant more of the plants that pollinators depend on for food and habitat, we become part of the solution, protecting bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other important pollinators.

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Garden center owners and garden club and plant society members, you can order wholesale Pollinator Paks™ to sell to today's gardeners, who are concerned about the challenges pollinators face.

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Home gardeners, when you purchase Pollinator Paks™ from your favorite garden centers and plant sales, you receive six plants ready to go in the ground and known to attract pollinators.

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Plus, your purchase helps us grow gardeners. $1 from every 6-pack is donated to MSHS. Thank you for supporting the Hort and important pollinator populations.

For retailers

Order neonicotinoid-free Pollinator Paks™ from Glacial Ridge Growers in March and receive them in May. Meet the growing demand for pollinator plants and show your customers your commitment to protecting biodiversity and pollinator populations, and we will promote your business as a Pollinator Paks™ retailer.

For home gardeners

Look for Pollinator Paks™ at garden centers and nurseries late May through September. Each pack includes six plants, ready to drop in the ground and known to attract pollinators, from bees and butterflies to hummingbirds and rusty patched bumblebees. Click the button below to find participating retailers near you.

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