Monday, June 26th

Speaker Roster

The MSHS Speakers Roster is a list of individuals who lecture on garden-related topics. The roster is updated periodically and made available to affiliated garden clubs and other interested groups. NOTE: THE DISTRICT SECTION (WHERE SPEAKERS WILL TRAVEL TO) MIGHT NOT BE ACCURATE. PLEASE CONTACT THE SPEAKER AND ASK THEM IF THEY WILL TRAVEL TO YOUR AREA.

Your help is needed to keep this directory of local speakers fresh and current. A Speakers Profile and the Program Topics for Speakers Roster forms are downloadable. An MSHS District Map is available to determine where speakers are available in the state. We are always looking for new and compelling speakers to share.

Minnesota State Horticultural Society does not screen the speakers listed in this roster. Information provided reflects the experience and opinions of the speakers and is not necessarily endorsed by MSHS.

While we do our best to keep our Speakers Roster up to date, if the connect information is not correct, please contact MSHS at vickyv@northerngardener.org.

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