Our History

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It all started with the apple...

MSHS was founded in 1866 as an association of fruit growers who took on the challenge of growing apples and other fruits in a northern climate. Two years later, the association changed its name to recognize the importance of all phases of horticulture development in rural and urban Minnesota.

Today, MSHS serves northern gardeners and the horticultural industry in Minnesota and additional cold-climate regions and is a resource for thousands of members, garden clubs, plant societies, and the horticultural industry.

We publish Northern Gardener magazine and reach the broader Minnesota community through educational classes and events and our two signature programs, Minnesota Green and Garden-in-a-Box.

In 2016, MSHS celebrated its 150th anniversary and is looking ahead to address current issues in horticulture, such as helping gardeners provide habitat and food for pollinators and helping underserved communities grow veggies.