Where to Find Pollinator Paks™

Pollinator Paks™, six-packs of plants known to attract and support pollinators, hit the shelves at the following garden centers and plant sales in late May. A portion of the proceeds from every purchase supports our valuable community outreach programs. Thank you for your support!

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Garden Centers

Axdahl's Garden Farm — Stillwater, MN

Bachman’s — Twin Cities

Ballantine Company — Avon, MN

Boggess Gardens — xxx, MN

Heidi's GrowHaus — Corcoran, MN

Holasek Flower Power — Lester Prairie, MN

Lynde Greenhouse — Maple Grove

Minnesota Gardens — Chaska, MN

Minnesota Street Market — St. Joseph, MN

Mississippi Market — West & East, St. Paul, MN

Mother Earth Gardens — Longfellow & Northeast

Penny's Tendercare Greenhouse — Watertown, SD

Sargent's Nursery — Red Wing, MN

The Open Door Pantry — Eagan, MN

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Plant Sales

Bryn Mawr School — Minneapolis, MN

Christine Burback — ECFE

E.C.F.E. Westside Humboldt ISD 625

Eisenhower Elementary School

Lake Country School

Mayflower Montessori

St. Anthony Park Garden Club

St. Anthony Park Elementary

Seward Montessori School — Minneapolis, MN

Whittier International Elementary School — Minneapolis, MN